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     After you've purchased your brand new scooter you're going to want to make sure you keep it happy by having us preform it's periodic maintenance. It's important to follow the schedule outlined in your owners manual to make sure your bike is ready to go the distance when you are.

     Or maybe more performance is what you're after. We have all sorts of upgrades that improve how your machine moves. Even ones that won't break the bank. Just depends on how fast you want to go, really. Reach out to us and tell us what you're speed goals are and we'll help you achieve them.

In addition to any bikes that we've sold we also work on Honda and Yamaha scooters under 20 years of age. Modern Vespa service is limited to basic tune-up services and tire changes.

Our rates are by far the most affordable in the area, and our expert mechanics will have you in and out fast.

For all services needs contact our service department.

Phone: 773-271-4242 ext. 229


*Service Department is by Appointment Only. Call or text to schedule.

Scooter Service Shop Chicago
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